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CHATS at Tech-Enabled Model Roundtable

Themed “Driving Tech-Enabled Solutions and Digital Innovations for Competitive Inclusion at Marketplace,” the roundtable aimed to strengthen partnerships, enhance women’s and children’s health, promote economic resilience, and empower youths.

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The CHATS solution seeks to transcend borders, embodying Transparency, Accountability, and Personalisation (TAP) for more resilient and empathetic aid systems. 

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Convexity at Collision Conference Highlight

One of the biggest tech conferences around the world Mr Adedeji Owonibi, the COO & Cofounder of Convexity was part of the delegation of Trade Commissioner Service of the Canadian High Commission Nigeria to attend the Collision 2023: TCS “Innovate with Canada” Business to Business – B2B Program.

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Inefficient aid Distribution Systems

allowing beneficiaries to receive aid through mobile money solutions, and protecting DONORS against fraud of goodwill with geo-fencing and aid recall on misused funds, CHATS ensures accountability and transparency in the distribution process.

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The Leverage of Trust

We have built a platform that gives you the leverage of TRUST! Our cutting-edge app is a game changer for NGOs, Donors, beneficiaries, and vendors.

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Scaling NGOs

Are you looking for a modern, honest and efficient way to track project progress, fund disbursement and report project?

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What Have CHATS Been Up To?

Every product is judged by its ability to solve its user’s problem or, at minimum, fulfill its promised functions. For CHATS.CASH, those promises are accountability, efficiency, and transparency.

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Should I Get My Salary in Crypto?

Table of Contents The Key Advantages of Digital Currency Salaries –Fees –Transparency –New market opportunity –Speed The Disadvantages of Crypto Salary Payments Taxes Volatility Difficulty

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Convexity Opens in Abuja

Nigeria’s first Blockchain Hub is set to open it’s office in the second largest blockchain country Nigeria. On the 8th Day of May 2021 in

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