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Turnkey Blockchain Solutions & Consultancy

Convexity leads in Blockchain Industry solutions and products. our Consultancy services will help your organization research and build next generation suited decentralized ledger solution, allowing you to quickly and easily launch more powerful solution that promises to put you ahead of your competitors with embedded security infrastructure that give absolute peace of mind.

Industry Solutions

Find out how our blockchain based technologies, products and solutions are helping shift status-quo within different sectors of businesses and industries in Africa.

Blockchain for social good

We use blockchain to address global issues, provide the world’s poor with financial inclusion, and allow open social finance and payment networks.

Discover how the business platform’s leading open-source blockchain transforms businesses, fuels innovation, and generates new business models.

Verification of learning qualifications

A trustworthy learning certification is a proof of the qualifications obtained by the applicant and checked by the issuer. The candidate, such as the boss, seeks assurance that the prospective employee has the desired experience.

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