Identity Share With Just a Tap

Making use of NFC(Near Field Communication) technology, Mojacard makes sharing of identity and business details swift.

Customizable Identity Now Shared On The Fly

Moja card is an identity as well as portfolio management system that lets you use NFC technology to build and share your unique digital identity, portfolio, documents with a single tap on your phone, tablet, or other device.

It replaces traditional business cards which can usually be misplaced, torn, rough handled, what is more? it can hold way more information as well as allowing users to quickly share, photos, tickets, leads, surveys and many other digital information’s and files.

A Modern Way Of Sharing Identity

Holds all information you need

Easily add your contact, social media profile such as Facebook, twitter, linkedin and Instagram

Makes use of NFC technology

Eliminates the need for writing on paper or typing on mobile device using easy tap made possible by NFC technology.

Saves time and reduce error

There is less room for error as all information are verified before saved in the moja card, thus also saving time

Projects Professionalism

You get an edge over your competitors this is because moja card gives you and your business a more professional representation