Aeropaye, An Airline Auto Refund Engine

Connecting studants, employers and educators through a trustworthy and blockchain-based network through industry and countries.

A Seemless Experience for Both Airlines and Passengers

Aeropaye tokenized Tickets digits are converted into a digital credential that cannot be stolen or reused .
A stolen tokenized Ticket is useless , this is because the Aeropaye Refund Engine can only validate this tickets.

The Autonomous Instant Refund Engine is only applicable when your booked domestic or international flight is cancelled or delayed by Airlines.

Aeropaye Smart contracts speed up the time-consuming process of adjudicating traveller refund claims, saving airlines money and eliminating the need for travellers to fill out paperwork and chase down the travel fare fund.

Making Aviation Seamless Using Blockchain Solution

A system based on tokenization

Since a ticket issued using Aeropaye system is based on tokenization and and can only be validated by the refund engine, a stolen ticket becomes useless to the thief.

Autonomous refund engine

The Autonomous Instant Refund Engine is applicable only when cancellation or delayed on your booked domestic or International flight from Airlines.

A system secured by blockchain smart contract

Aeropaye smart contract based refund engine improves the time users spent in filling forms for refund as this process is executed automatically by smart contract.

Fast and trustless payment infrastructure

As Aeropaye refund engine is based on a blockchain system, it does not require third party to process transaction, faster than traditional process