What is an interesting way to announce the launch of a product, that will shape the humanitarian sector for the foreseeable future? It’s to take it to the primary beneficiaries of this product: the people

Incubating the CHATS solution with the UNICEF Venture fund was a worthwhile experience(read more). It afforded us the opportunity to understand the problem CHATS aims to solve, and fine-tune the humanitarian-focused product for the people who will really need and use it.

We launched a sensitization campaign by conducting a “Roadshow” to update the public about the launch of the CHATS platform. This roadshow involved travelling to different communities and providing information about the platform, its benefits, and how to use it. We also held workshops and training sessions to help people get started with CHATS.

Chats team at Maje community


The CHATS team, led by Adedeji Owonibi, COO and Cofounder of Convexity, arrived in the Maje community, located in the City of Abuja, the Federal capital territory of Nigeria. The team was warmly welcomed by the Esu of Maje Community, Chief Adams Jato.

Chief Adams expressed his excitement about the CHATS platform and its potential to address the challenges of aid distribution in his community. He emphasized that many aid programs fail to reach the intended beneficiaries due to corruption and a lack of transparency. He believes that CHATS can help to ensure that aid reaches those who need it most.


After receiving the blessing of the Maje community chief, the CHATS team embarked on a mission to educate community members about the CHATS platform and its role in facilitating cash voucher assistance programs. The team on-boarded the community members to educate them on how the platform works and distributed cash vouchers, which they could redeem for money at a pre-selected vendor, carefully vetted and on-boarded by the team.

This initiative not only provided much-needed assistance to the community but also highlighted the potential for local economic development. By utilizing a local vendor, the CHATS team demonstrated that aid programs can extend beyond immediate relief and contribute to the revitalization of the local economy.

Sensitization of the Maje community about CHATS.CASH


The CHATS team got some interesting feedback that will excite you.
Note: Sentences were restructured for clarity and names changed

“Can you take this solution to the government institution and big NGO that always come to the community, it will really help to stop the fraud some staffs try to do with the aid items that we receive” – Justina 

“This is really an innovative product, wow, i never knew Nigerians can build such a product that will help people” – Uchenna

“The cash will really help me to feed today and I am glad the CHATS team came around. I am so happy and grateful and wish for more opportunities for funding” – Ahmed

“I hope the CHATS team intends to take this product to the government because I like what the platform is doing after your team explained it to me. It will help me trust the government more especially after what some government officials did during COVID-19 lockdown” – Usman

Onboarding and distribution of cash via


The CHATS team was deeply moved by the community’s heartfelt feedback. Seeing the smiles and relief on the faces of beneficiaries brought a sense of profound fulfilment, affirming the positive impact the CHATS solution is bound to have. The team has now recognized that CHATS’s ripple effect extends beyond immediate needs, shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

If you want to use the CHATS platform for your humanitarian campaigns, visit WWW.CHATS.CASH

Email: info@chats.cash