Chief Adams Jato, Maje community chief welcomed the CHATS team during the sensitization campaign roadshow for CHATS.CASH and was quite pleased that such a solution exists to ensure people get the help they need.

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Convexity was at SIBAN Digital Assets Summit 2023

Convexity was on top gear at the SiBAN ‘Digital Asset Summit 2023’. The blockchain Industry stakeholders and new players were present to discuss topics that affect the Web3 ecosystem. Regulators such as NITDA Nigeria and Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria were present to give insights on how regulators are positioned when it comes to blockchain and the Web3 ecosystem

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Inefficient aid Distribution Systems

allowing beneficiaries to receive aid through mobile money solutions, and protecting DONORS against fraud of goodwill with geo-fencing and aid recall on misused funds, CHATS ensures accountability and transparency in the distribution process.

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The Leverage of Trust

We have built a platform that gives you the leverage of TRUST! Our cutting-edge app is a game changer for NGOs, Donors, beneficiaries, and vendors.

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Scaling NGOs

Are you looking for a modern, honest and efficient way to track project progress, fund disbursement and report project?

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What Have CHATS Been Up To?

Every product is judged by its ability to solve its user’s problem or, at minimum, fulfill its promised functions. For CHATS.CASH, those promises are accountability, efficiency, and transparency.

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