World Humanitarian Day illuminates our shared humanity, honouring those who tirelessly champion compassion. These heroes navigate complexities to uplift the vulnerable and better our world. At Convexity, we deeply salute their dedication. We also intend to be part of the global humanitarian effort through the use of our blockchain product ‘CHATS – Convexity Humanitarian Aid Transfer Solution. The CHATS solution seeks to transcend borders, embodying Transparency, Accountability, and Personalisation (TAP) for more resilient and empathetic aid systems. 

As this day dawns, we express profound gratitude to these inspirations.

Challenges and Unfinished Endeavors

While humanitarian efforts have saved countless lives, the path is not without its obstacles. Inefficiencies in aid distribution, lack of transparency, and accountability gaps have, at times, hindered the full impact of humanitarian work. The urgency of crises demands streamlined solutions that can swiftly navigate challenges while ensuring every resource reaches its intended destination. As technology continues to shape the world, it becomes our responsibility to harness its potential for the betterment of humanity.

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Convexity’s CHATS Solution

Convexity’s response to this challenge comes in the form of the Convexity Humanitarian Aid Transfer Solution (CHATS), a revolutionary blockchain-based platform. CHATS facilitates cash and voucher distribution for humanitarian aid, providing complete visibility from donor to beneficiaries. By utilizing blockchain technology, CHATS ensures that every transaction is securely recorded, tamper-proof, and accessible in real time. This level of transparency not only enhances the efficiency of aid distribution but also strengthens the bond of trust between all stakeholders involved.

CHATS simplifies administrative processes, mitigates fraud risks, and empowers recipients by offering them greater control over their aid. It stands as a testament to the potential of technology to revolutionize humanitarian work, making it more effective and accountable than ever before. Through CHATS, Convexity aims to facilitate a future where aid reaches its intended recipients seamlessly, reinforcing dignity and improving lives.


World Humanitarian Day reminds us that the world becomes a better place when we unite technology with compassion. As we express our gratitude for the tireless efforts of humanitarian workers, we are also called to action. Convexity embraces this call by developing innovative solutions like CHATS, which echo our commitment to a more transparent, efficient, and compassionate world.

“No matter what” challenges arise, we have the power to surmount them, especially when our efforts are fueled by compassion and driven by technological innovation. On this World Humanitarian Day, Convexity proudly joins hands with the global humanitarian community, envisioning a future where technology is a force for good and where the unity of humanity prevails over all.