Will Private companies adopt Enterprise blockchain?

We can’t deny the fact that ‘Blockchain’ technology is influencing change in a lot of industries, but how legacy #companies adopt the technology in relation with their infrastructure and process requires a cautious approach.

We decided to take a walk in shoes of Private and #Enterprise companies on their reservation toward adopting #Blockchain technology.

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Convexity at the Decentralized Intelligence Summit, 2023“Staying Ahead of the Curve”

Convexity converge with the brightest minds across in Lagos, for the ‘Decentralized Intelligence Summit’, themed Staying ahead of the curve by Blockchain Nigeria User Group.

This reflects our interest, as a #pioneer blockchain firm in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa, in the collective collaboration between blockchain companies, developers, business professionals and Policy makers. Read more on the insights shared and gained…

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Convexity was at SIBAN Digital Assets Summit 2023

Convexity was on top gear at the SiBAN ‘Digital Asset Summit 2023’. The blockchain Industry stakeholders and new players were present to discuss topics that affect the Web3 ecosystem. Regulators such as NITDA Nigeria and Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria were present to give insights on how regulators are positioned when it comes to blockchain and the Web3 ecosystem

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Convexity at Collision Conference Highlight

One of the biggest tech conferences around the world Mr Adedeji Owonibi, the COO & Cofounder of Convexity was part of the delegation of Trade Commissioner Service of the Canadian High Commission Nigeria to attend the Collision 2023: TCS “Innovate with Canada” Business to Business – B2B Program.

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chats product update banner

What Have CHATS Been Up To?

Every product is judged by its ability to solve its user’s problem or, at minimum, fulfill its promised functions. For CHATS.CASH, those promises are accountability, efficiency, and transparency.

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