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TheHUB Startups

TheHub has assisted the growth of a community passionate about the role of technology in Nigeria’s transformation since 2016. We have seen from experience that many individuals and organisations are involved in the use of technology to solve local issues and our mission is to continue uncovering and helping those individuals/companies to bring their ideas/products to life.

One of the ways we have achieved this is through the services in our incubation unit. Over ninety (24) ideas and businesses have gained from our support to date.

This year, over 30+ advisors, mentors and facilitators contributed to our different programs.

Startup Incubator Program


A 6-month initiative to empower young entrepreneurs to develop and launch initial prototypes of their technology-enabled solutions to clearly identified problems in society. The aim is to validate the concept and health of the product/market. The program comes with a cash contribution of $5,000, mentoring by the management team and hands-on help by our Product Creation Team.

  • Innovative concept that leverages web or mobile technologies to solve a problem.
  • Idea needs to build on an existing process/solution or be entirely new, i.e. has not been done locally.
  • Adequately examined issue with a good image of the target segment it affects.
  • Teams should have the skills required to develop a solution (or have access to technical skills).
  • A full-time commitment of 6 months spent building a solution and undertaking business validation to consider the potential users.
  • The team must have at least one full-time member and a maximum of 3 members of the team.

This is a 12-month initiative aimed at supporting companies with a certain level of traction and sales to create businesses that can expand into profitable global companies. Startups will have access to up to $25k during the program and direct access to follow-up financing of up to $250k from Growth Capital, free team office space, free partner product loans, market support and access to a partner network and more. In order to be qualified to apply, start-ups must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a revenue model and produce revenues.
  • Have a technology-leveraging usable product.
  • Users/customers have benefited. Been in service (since the date of launch) for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Have a management team consisting of up to 3 members who are completely committed to the company, including a technical lead and founder(s).
  • Getting the opportunity to scale.

This program is open to entrepreneurs seeking to expand their company in Africa, in particular Nigeria. Startups will have to be located in our incubation area in Abuja, Nigeria, for the duration of the programme.


Accelerators are 12-week programs designed to help start-ups refine, prepare them for sustainable development, their products, business model and processes. Accelerators are structured to be versatile and offer resources depending on the start-individual up’s needs, with a central emphasis on product creation, financial management, investment readiness and market modelling. Our accelerators are quick-paced and execution-driven, concentrating specifically on entrepreneurs applying real-time learning to their start-ups. In our Accelerator programs, start-ups get access to:

  • One-on-one meetings at TheHub with our internal experts.
  • Coaching sessions with top experts in the industry.
  • Free credits from the goods of partners.
  • Having access to mentors.
  • Access to associates and networks.

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