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Payments, Money and Blockchain

Blockchain technology allows entirely new ways of handling money and makes payments simpler. From remittances to microloans and more, blockchain technology is opening up a more effective and safer global payment system.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

CBDC is a digital type of central bank cash that offers central banks unrivaled retail and wholesale benefits, including expanded financial access to individual customers and a more effective interbank settlement network.

Automate compliance across global markets

The Problem

Compliance and regulatory reporting requirements have increased significantly in order to keep pace with financial innovation. Companies have traditionally relied on inefficient, monthly, or quarterly manual audits that are prone to human error, manipulation, and fraud. Additionally, companies operating internationally find it challenging to abide by the evolving regulations across multiple jurisdictions.

The Solution

WithConvexity Assets, digital assets are distributed on an immutable ledger, with integrated compliance features, and automated real-time transaction monitoring. We build digital assets with code based on conventional securities law that acts similar to existing asset classes, and system enforcement attributes to comply with different regulations based on planned geographic distribution. Our platform is able to extend permissions to regulators allowing real-time monitoring of asset and network activities. Compliant digital assets with the behavior of conventional asset models and transparent reporting to relevant stakeholders reduce investor and regulatory uncertainty and promote approval and acceptance.

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