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Blockchain Use Industry Cases and Applications

Large companies are currently implementing Ethereum blockchain applications to fix persistent issues in the industry. ConsenSys has built industry solutions for capital markets, asset management, payments, global trade, and more.


Asset Management

With the introduction of blockchain technology, managing tangible, intangible, and complex assets is increasingly becoming more effective.

Assets such as real estate-often limited by liquidity and investment size-can be tokenized, divided, and distributed with minimal organizational complexity, cost of management, and safety concerns. With emerging liquidity and transfer dynamics, asset managers and new investors alike can unlock opportunities.

Capital Markets

Blockchain technology has radically altered the way capital markets view asset exchange and will inaugurate an period of improved operational effectiveness.

Capital market infrastructure has been the focus of complex layers of regulations, regulation and liability in recent decades. The associated risk entails high operating costs, and hinders companies by raising the entry bar by hurting the bottom line and potential customers. Blockchain technology can optimize the cost of operations backend through a safe, authorized, immutable, and single shared source of truth among stakeholders on the capital market.

Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance (DeFi) unlocks untold quantities of economic opportunities for global citizens, allowing a more profitable, equitable, and secure global economy. DeFi leverages core Ethereum blockchain concepts to unlock liquidity and growth potential, improve financial stability and accountability, and promote an interconnected and transparent economic system.

Global Trade and Commerce

Blockchain technology ‘s impact on international trade finance has spurred many firms and consortia to update their outdated technology. Major trading companies around the world recognize Ethereum blockchain technology’s transformative impact in operating global supply chains, managing trade finance, and unlocking new business models. Besides inaugurating the digitization period, blockchain enables tokenization of existing records, credit notes, and more

Payments and Money

Blockchain technology allows for completely new ways to easily manage money and facilitate payments. Blockchain technology is ushering in a more effective and safer global payment system from remittances to micro-credits and more. Trillions of untapped-value dollars are waiting to be released by financial control and organizational effectiveness.

Real Estate

Make use of blockchain to unlock opportunities created by digital real estate assets. Work with ConsenSys to forge new business models, improve the underlying real estate operations, lower costs, minimize data silos and increase transparency.

How does Blockchain benefit business across industries?

Leading financial institutions, governments, and conglomerates are now seeing the advantages of blockchain-based technologies for use cases as vast as the development of digital assets and post-trade settlements. The battle-tested architecture and unrivaled programmability of the Ethereum blockchain enable businesses to create stable and scalable business networks and applications on a scale.


  • Automatic function. Streamlining business processes through programmable transactions, and real-time settlement and clearing.
  • Security Advancement. Mitigate the danger with deceptive data management and granular security checks.
  • Trusted enterprise networks. Deploy approved networks easily with a common business philosophy and flexible governance.
  • Managing Digital Properties. Digital assets and instruments are created and managed quickly.
  • Production. Manage a compliant zero downtime blockchain network at scale.

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